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CLA Fat Burner
A Promising Weight Loss Supplement

CLA Fat Burner CLA fat burner is the fat burner that is slowly gaining more and more popularity in recent years. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, an important essential fatty acid that is not given the attention it is due.

But recently, people have been paying a growing level of attention to CLA as a weight loss supplement, thanks to more than two decades of research to prove claims that CLA can lessen body fat and increase muscles.

According to research, CLA, which can be found in meat and dairy, inhibits fat cells from growing and instead, supports the growth of more muscle tissue, which we all know helps the body be able to burn more fat. Various studies have been conducted to gather further evidence of the efficacy of CLA in weight loss, and one study in particular, where 60 overweight people were tested with CLA intake, proved just how effective the supplement is.

The best thing is that the weight loss the subjects experienced were all from loss of fat, and the body’s muscle mass was not at all affected. This strengthened the claims that CLA was a very effective weight loss supplement in the form of a fat burner. So now, since CLA is only available in low levels in food sources, CLA fat burners are everywhere.

Health experts recommend three dosages of 1 gram CLA per day to be taken with meals, which is the level that is needed for weight loss. The dosage may be increased depending o n your specific needs. Lower dosages are said to focus on fat reduction, while higher dosages can help increase body mass and boost metabolism.

Looking for a CLA Fat Burner? Try These!

CLA fat burners available include :

  • Now Sports
  • LipoZyne
  • Norvexin and Thermonexin
  • CLA Intense Fat Burner

1. Now Sports CLA

One of the well-known brands of CLA fat burners include Now Sports, with the CLA Extreme Fat Burner, which takes from CLA’s fat burning benefits to produce a very beneficial weight loss helper. The product also comes with a mixture of other ingredients that have also been proven effective as fat burners, such as guarana and green tea, but only in minimal amounts.

Other ingredients are chromium picolinate and L-Carnitine, which is a very important ingredient because it sends the body’s fatty acids straight to the mitochondria of cells to be burned. But all these are just supplementary to the full benefits of CLA.

2. LipoZyne

Another product you can try is the LipoZyne, which can be bought in bottles containing 90 capsules of CLA-based fat burners. The CLA in LipoZyne collaborates with the other ingredient in the product to help provide guaranteed weight reduction benefits.This other ingredient is hoodia gordonii, which works to control the appetite, as CLA targets the stored fats.

3. Norvexin and Thermonexin

Two other products, namely Norvexin and Thermonexin are very similar products to LipoZyne because they also contain both hoodia gordonii and CLA. They are both praised for their thermogenic properties.

4. CLA Intense Fat Burner

Another healthy option is CLA Intense Fat Burner, manufactured by Formule Naturelle. The product contains 500 mg of CLA, and smaller amounts of L-Carnitine, Hydroxy Citric Acid, and Green Tea.

These, and so many others, are the products you can try if you believe in the potential of CLA fat burners in helping you lose weight faster.

How to Make a CLA Fat Burner Work For Natural Weight Loss

Just a few reminders, though. CLA are not magic pills that can automatically and instantly melt your fats. Effectiveness of these promising supplements still depends on the conditions with which you take in terms of a natural weight loss. As the supplements burn fat, it also matters how much fat has already been stored in your body and how much fat your body receives every day.

This means that your weight and your diet will play important roles in determining whether CLA fat burning supplements will be effective and how effective they will be for you. So make sure to accompany CLA fat burner intake with a healthy, low-calorie diet and a weight loss exercise program, for best results.

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